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Customers have changed... Your marketing and sales techniques must change too

What is Inbound Marketing?

The concept of inbound marketing is straightforward - the aim is to create high-quality content that attracts customers to your website and then engage with them through landing pages and CTAs (or call to action) as well as personalized Emails and web pages. The aim is to move far away from interrupting buyers, and instead, market to them on a human level

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing purpose

Sell more

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Building up trust and knowledge in your industry

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Being relevant for your prospects

Identifying the most interesting prospects

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Nurturing your prospects until they are ready to buy

Inbound Sales funnel

Attract: Create high quality content, and improve its visibility through search engines optimization (ebooks, blog posts, videos, podcast, etc...). Provide answers to customers' questions and/or bring solutions to their problems. The content should be promoted through multiple channels (social, media, blog, etc...).

Convert: Turn visitor into leads with personnalized offers that are placed behing landing pages, CTA's, etc.

Close: Action is the REAL mesure of intelligence. Follow-up your
customers' actions in order to determine whether they are ready to buy or not.

Delight: Turn your customers as promoters in order to improve your brand exposure & image. Collect data on your customers so that you can tailor your services to them even better in the future.

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