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Your website is not at the core of your digital strategy. Your consumer and its data are...

Our Vision on Website Building

A content management system should make it easy to manage content while at the same time never limit the creativity needed to build efficient visitor experiences on ALL content channels.

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CMS / DB architecture

  • The content management system is separated from the output of the content
  • Different websites can be managed from one central CMS. Content can be easily shared across websites
  • Content within the CMS is accessible for all channels

"Efficient communication is about the message, the timing, and the specific action we want them to take"

We help you to connect all the digital channels to a central database and plan for a valuable consumer life cycle program

  • Personalized content
  • Coordinate users experience
    within the ecosystem
  • Channels optimization
  • Customer tracking & scoring
  • A/B testing
  • Proper digital eco-system

"Our collaboration with Rise and Shine is very refreshing, always to the point, and quickly started showing good results. We share their philosophy that places customers and consumer data at the core of digital strategy. Their skills in strategy and technology are already paying off for Wolters Kluwer Transport Services."

Stefaan Vuylsteke, Head of Marketing Operations at Wolters Kluwer Transport Services