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Brico is a leading name of Do-It-Yourself Retail Stores in Belgium. In their vision, everyone is a “maker”. Providing exceptional customer experiences, Brico advises their customers through quality content covering every DIY aspect. Our goal was to bring together all helpful information on one structured page per category. From here on forward, the content was to be used in several communication channels and to strengthen Brico’s position in the Belgian DIY-market.


Our aim was to bring together the huge amount of existing content, already created by Brico in order to create much more accessible and clear information for the users. Next, we broadcasted the content through different communication media, such as social media and e-mail. Powerful text + marketing will give Brico a fresh breath with existing and new content.




We brought the content and advice together, which were already present on Brico’s website and its different platforms.

We spread the content and made it available through different media, such as Google (Using SEO best practices), Emailing, Facebook and their Website.